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jueves, marzo 30, 2006

eKsperim[E]nto 2005 (Philippines) - opening -

The other opening short is Spain 's ‘Dos Primos Muy Primos'
(Two Cousins Very Cousins) directed by Javier Batalla. With an almost
home video feel, the work shows two cousins who are protagonists of
different comical situations. This is the lightest short to ever open
eKsperim[E]nto but it is has the strongest affinity with audiences and the
funniest we've seen this year.

September 20, 2005 ( 7:00pm )
Cine Adarna (formerly UP Film Center )
Opening Film:
PEACE ONE DAY by Jeremy Gilley ( UK )
Opening Shorts :
UZES QUINTET by Catherine Maximoff ( France )
DOS PRIMOS MUY PRIMOS by Javier Batalla ( Spain )


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